Pesach 2018 in Beijing, China

Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Opulent Accommodations

  • 11 days & 10 nights
  • 5-star hotel in Beijing
  • Full spa & amenities
  • March 29 to April 8, 2018

Intriguing Adventures

  • Summer Palace and lake
  • Forbidden City Compound
  • Acrobatic & Kung Fu exhibitions
  • Hutong Rikshaw ride
  • Great Wall barbecue dinner

Homey Comfort

  • 3 gourmet glatt kosher meals daily
  • 24 hour tea room
  • Daily minyanim & shiurim
  • Fantastic kids’ activities
  • Babysitting available

Experience Pesach in a place where ancient and modern collide.

Celebrate Pesach 2018 in Beijing, China.

Did we mention SHOPPING?

Real best secrets for shopping brands, bargains, and fun!

Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Shimon Freundlich

Non Gebrokst/Non Kitniyus. Hand Shmura Matzah program.

Enjoy Shabbos & Yom Tov

Savor favorite heimishe dishes and authentic Chinese delicacies. Share the exciting spiritual engagement. Relax and experience first-class service in the Orient. Really feel Simchas Yom Tov with your family.

Live Chol haMoed

Tour the Summer Palace and Forbidden City, where emperors lived and ruled. Take it easy with a chair lift on the way up, and maybe try the alpine slide on the way down to the barbeque. Thrill to acrobats and Kung Fu.

Savor Every Day

Get the most enjoyment out of every waking and sleeping moment. Eat and explore with family and friends – old and new. Immerse yourself in China and bring home memories and mementos to enjoy again and again.




Amazing Experience

The Real China

Summer Palace

The Forbidden City

Hutong Rikshaws

Acrobatic Feats

Great Wall

Pagoda Tower on Lake

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